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Guillaume Wolf "Prof G" | Creative Meditation Books

You Are a Circle: A Visual Meditation For The Creative Mind is a stunning visual poem where you’re invited (and challenged) on a journey to explore your creativity. This voyage is made of mysterious circles and zen-like aphorisms that feel like the voice of an old friend.

A mesmerizing experience, You Are a Circle is the perfect companion for the creative mind. It’s a timeless book that will inspire you for the years to come.

Paperback. 302 Pages.

You Are a Message: Meditations For The Creative Entrepreneur is the follow-up to the indie hit You Are a Circle. This time, you’re invited on a journey to explore your creative business side. Meant for the new breed of creative entrepreneurs, this book challenges you to think and act outside of the box to get the results you want. It’s a timeless book that will inspire you along your journey, for years to come.

Paperback. 304 Pages.

You Are a Dream: An Introduction To The Creative Dreaming Method


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