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Wilderness Magazine | Issue 04: Passage

In the fourth issue of Wilderness Magazine explore the idea of change, of the passage from one state of being to the next. Of growing up. Of overcoming addiction. Of new eras and identities.

Find these stories and much more...

  • Feature on Christian Watson creator of @1924us
  • Northwest Passage expedition story with Bear Grylls and David Segel
  • Interview with Dax Shepard about overcoming drug addiction
  • European moto photo story with Adri Law
  • Essay by Jedidiah Jenkins
  • Kyrgyzstan bikepacking travel story by Joel Caldwell
  • Interview with a reformed gangbanger turned lawyer
  • Profile on Lewis and Clark
  • Essay "Locker Room Talk" about rape culture challenging modern rites of passage
  • Photostory by Alex Strohl

130 pages. Printed in Canada.


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